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Played by the band, now wear it on your wrist.

Buckcherry is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, formed in 1995 who have sold over 4 million records. They unique, complex, simple, passionate, explosive, original and always a good time. From hit songs like, "Crazy Bitch" & "Sorry" to platinum and gold records and millions of fans worldwide, Buckcherry has beat the odds and built a reputation on their powerful live shows. They have toured with bands such as Guns 'n Roses, Aerosmith & Motley Crue and more. Their ninth studio record, "Hellbound" is out NOW! 

A portion of the proceeds benefit music education for kids.

Our one of a kind, limited edition necklaces are made from the donation of guitar string from the guitarists/bass player of Buckcherry. Each unique piece is hand made in the USA. With your purchase, you will receive an official autographed authenticity card verifying it was played by one of the members

Color, metal, and thickness of the strings may vary by artists. Images that a shown are samples only. You will receive a played string from either Kelly LeMieux, Billy Rowe or Stevie D. 

    With our charitable partnerships we are on a mission to #helpsavemusic by donating a percentage of every sale to the preservation of music education in the school systems. After 10 years on the road as touring musicians, we set out to give back to the music community. From an idea that stared with broken guitar strings, to creating products that bring music lovers and concert goes together, STRÜNG was born. Join us in helping to create the future rockstars of tomorrow. 

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