..Where are your bracelets made?

Our bracelets are made right here in the USA!

.. What does my order come with? 

If you ordered an Individual bracelet, Collection, Rock Warrior Collection or Necklace it will come with a custom Strüng Faux-Leather bag along with a Strüng ID Card.

..How do I measure my size?

Although our bracelets are not adjustable, we offer two sizes, S/M and M/L

You can use our Bracelet Measuring Chart to figure out the right size to order. Click here.

For special orders contact customerservice@getstrung.com

..I received my bracelet and it doesn’t fit. What do I do?

We understand it can be a little tricky getting the size right the first time. However, we would love to get it right. Send an email to customerservice@getstrung.com and we will guide you through the steps you will need to take. Keep in mind there is a $5 Re-Size fee.

..Can I add multiple charms to one bangle?

Our bracelets are meant to be worn stacked so we do not offer multiple charms on our bangles. The more the merrier!

..How can I clean my jewelry?

Please check out our Product Care section for all the information you need to know about keeping your bracelets sparkling. We don’t recommend using a jewelry or metal cleaner on our jewelry. We recommend using our Strüng Care Cloths that work amazing to remove tarnish! You can get them here.

Our bracelets were made with love and we hope you treat yours the same way. Your Strung bracelets should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off! To keep your pieces looking pretty follow these instructions:

  • Apply beauty products such as perfume, lotions, oils, hairspray, etc. before putting on your bracelets as to not damage the finish
  • Remove jewelry when bathing, washing dishes, swimming, washing hands, doing household chores, etc. Water can rust the finish and harsh chemical cleaners can be damaging.
  • Protect jewelry from extreme temperatures, sunlight, chlorine &  salt water as this will dull the appearance.
  • We recommend removing your bracelets before physical activity and before going to bed.

It is natural for metal to oxidize and tarnish over time when exposed to body oils, oxygen and moisture. To remove tarnish, we recommend using our strüng polishing cloth. Purchase it here—>

.. What are the Strüng Care Cloth Instructions?

To clean: rub surface firmly with inner cloth to loosen tarnish. heavily tarnished areas may require several applications. hold bracelet firmly when cleaning.

To Polish: Buff firmly with the outer cloth to remove tarnish and to instantly obtain a brilliant shine.

hold bracelet firmly when polishing.

maintenance: preserve the brilliance of your jewelry and retard tarnish by polishing lightly on a regular basis with the inner cloth.

  • cloth can be used over and over. DO NOT WASH, as it will remove the special-cleaning agents.
  • contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives, non-toxic and environmentally safe.

..Do you wholesale?

Yes. Wholesale orders are welcome. Please contact us at partners@getstrung.com

..Do you ship Internationally?


..I’m having trouble placing my order online; can you help?

Of course we can! Just email Customer Service at customerservice@getstrung.com . We usually reply within the hour.

..Did my order go through?

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email. This email will confirm all the details of your online order.

..How will I know my order has shipped?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is ready to ship. Once you have received this email please allow 24-48 hours for your tracking number to update with UPS.

..What is your return/exchange policy?

Click here to review our return policy.

..I am an artist interested in a Strüng endorsement. Who do I contact?

We are always looking for interesting and creative people to partner up with. Contact info@getstrung.com for more information.

..Tell me more about your Famous Artist Line, Strung Live ?

Strung Live bridges the gap between music, fashion and charity. Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces are made from used guitar strings that have been kindly donated by famous musicians. A percentage from each limited edition bracelet sold will be donated to music education for kids. Our mission is to foster and support the love of music in underprivileged communities. Wear your favorite rockstars’ strings around your wrist and help create the rockstars of the future!