Help Save Music With This Guitar String Bracelet

The First Ever Adjustable Guitar String Bracelet is Here!

We are Strüng, the Guitar String Jewelry Company. Our mission is to Help Save Music. A portion of every bracelet sold benefits music charities and music education for kids. Read our story below and please take a moment to watch our video on our grassroots story. We are here to make a difference and need your help to get to the next step. We are looking to raise $10,000 to help increase our production, increase visibility at world wide music events and in turn raise money for a cause we believe in, music charities.

Be the first to get Strüng’s new bracelet, The Ü Collection! A portion of every bracelet sold benefits music charities.  Get it now and don’t miss out!

We started Strüng about 2 years ago. Our intention was not only to create a piece of jewelry that connected people to music and their favorite artists, but we also wanted to give back to the overall music community.

We stumbled upon Strüng by accident. At that point we’d been touring non-stop for almost 5 years in our band Blameshift. One day we happened to notice guitar strings laying around our bus and began wrapping them into what looked like a bracelet. An idea was born!

From the start we knew we wanted to get behind music charities. Giving back to music was something that was very important. We saw first hand on the road the impact music had on people, especially our youth. The mission for Strüng quickly became #HELPSAVEMUSIC

One of the great things that we’ve done is become partners with some of the biggest music based charities that have already helped raise millions of dollars. We also started connecting with famous musicians who support the cause. We collect played strings from these artists and make limited edition jewelry out of them. The artist then signs an authenticity card verifying their strings and a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards music charities.


For the past year we’ve been developing a brand new product, the world’s first ever adjustable guitar string bracelet called The Ü Collection. It’s made using a thicker gauge guitar string that adjusts by sliding through two components using a special glide function. This allows the bracelet to open and close, yet hold it’s place while on. The first of its kind. For a limited time through Kickstarter we are offering this bracelet is several different finishes including silver, red, black, white and a 24K gold plated version.

Be the first to get Strüng’s new bracelet, The Ü Collection! A portion of every bracelet sold benefits music charities.  Sign up below and don’t miss out!



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