Money, Power, Respect

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Money, Power, Respect Collection:
Some say it’s the key to life. First, you get the money, then you get the power and
finally you get the respect. On the flipside…using your power to do good will
inadvertently bring you money, respect and make you legendary.
Charms In This Collection
Flat Diamond – “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”
Lightning Bolt – “Lightning Crashes”
Handcuffs – “Breaking the Law”
Made from authentic guitar strings, this collection comes packaged with unique descriptive song cards & a faux leather pouch.

With our charitable partnerships we are on a mission to #helpsavemusic by donating a percentage of every sale to the preservation of music education in the school systems. After 10 years on the road as touring musicians, we set out to give back to the music community. From an idea that stared with broken guitar strings, to creating products that bring music lovers and concert goes together, STRÜNG was born. Join us in helping to create the future rockstars of tomorrow. 

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