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Strüng was formed out of a love for music and to create a place to shop guitar string bracelets that have a story behind them. If you’re looking to buy guitar string bracelets, get inspired by checking out our collection of peace sign bracelets, music note bracelets, and many more! They all have a song title that inspired them. Find your song!

  • I Love Rock ’n Roll

  • Spirit-of-Rock

    Spirit of Rock

  • Rock-Royalty

    Rock Royalty

  • money-power-respect

    Money, Power, Respect

  • peace-love-music

    Peace, Love,  Music

  • sugar-spikes-everything-nice

    Sugar, Spikes & Everything Nice

  • music-is-the-key

    Music is the key

  • A-Star-Is-Born

    A Star Is Born

  • Way Out West – (NEW)

  • Almost Paradise – (NEW)

  • Everything Zen – (NEW)

  • Every Breath You Take – (NEW)

  • On-The-Red-Carpet

    On The Red Carpet

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