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Strüng was formed out of a love for music and to create a place to shop guitar string bracelets that have a story behind them. If you’re looking to buy guitar string bracelets, get inspired by checking out our collection of peace sign bracelets, music note bracelets, and many more!

  • I Love Rock ’n Roll

  • Spirit-of-Rock

    Spirit of Rock

  • Rock-Royalty

    Rock Royalty

  • money-power-respect

    money, power, respect

  • peace-love-music

    Peace, Love, Music

  • sugar-spikes-everything-nice

    Sugar, Spikes & Everything Nice

  • music-is-the-key

    Music is the key

  • A-Star-Is-Born

    A Star Is Born

  • On-The-Red-Carpet

    On The Red Carpet

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